Tests Conducted on 21/01/2018 - Key Correction published on 12/02/2018
Kerala University of Health Sciences

Examination conducted on 30/12/2018

Master of Public Health-MPH-2018 Dated 30/12/18(Qn.Booklet No.18066)


M.Sc. (Medical Laboratory Technology) Course -2018

Examination conducted on 23/12/2018

Version - A (18061) (Revised Key)

Version - B (18061) (Revised Key)

National AYUSH Mission - Kerala

Examination conducted on 09/12/2018

Medical Officer-Ayurveda(18062) Revised Key

Medical Officer-Unani(18063) Revised Key

Medical Officer-Siddha(18064) Revised Key

Medical Officer-Homeopathy(18065) Revised Key

High Court of Kerala

Examination conducted on 28/10/2018

CHAUFFEUR-2018(18060)- ( Revised Key )

Kerala University of Health Sciences

Examination conducted on 14/10/2018

Master of Public Health-MPH-2018(18059)

Regional Cancer Centre

Examination conducted on 30/09/2018

Staff Nurse(18045) ( Revided Key )


Examination conducted on 16/09/2018

M.Phil- Social Work(18057)

M.Phil- Clinical Psychology(18058)(Revised Key)

Kerala State AIDS Control Society

Examination conducted on 16/09/2018

Divisional Assistant/District Assistant/Computer Literate Steno(18053)

District Supervisor / Asssitant Director(18054)

Finance Assistant(18055)

Joint Director(18056)


Examination conducted on 09/09/2018

Keys Published on 11/09/2018


Post Basic Diploma in Speciality Courses - 2018

Examination conducted on 12/08/2018

Keys Published on 13/08/2018 (Revised Key Published on 18/08/2018)

18052-PB Diploma in Speciality Courses - 2018

Post Basic BSc Nursing

Examination conducted on 15/07/2018

Keys Published on 16/07/2018 (Revised Key Published on 18/07/2018)

Post Basic BSc Nursing

Kerala Agricultural University-BSc.(Hons.)C&B and BSc.-MSc. (Integrated) course 2018

Examination conducted on 08/07/2018

Keys Published on 09/07/2018 (Revised Key Published on 16/07/2018)

Paper I(18049) Key Revised

Paper II(18050) Key Revised


Examination conducted on 01/07/2018

Keys Published on 02/07/2018

MCA Lateral Entry(18047)

MCA Regular(18048)

Law Academy Law College

Examination conducted on 24/06/2018

Keys Published on 25/06/2018

5 Year Integrated BA/BCom LLB(18046)

Department of Tourism

Examination conducted on 27/05/2018

Keys Published on 28/05/2018

Project Engineer (18044)


Examination conducted on 13/04/2018

Keys Published on 16/04/2018

Lab Technician-18035

Auxiliary Nursing Midwives-18036


Ayurvedic Pharmacist-18038

Nursing Officer-18039

Dental Technician-18040

Health Inspector-18041



Final Corrected Keys published on


Malabar Cancer Centre (Date of Test : 08/04/2018)

Accounts Officer (18029)
Hospital Assistant (18030)
Nursing Superintendent (18031)
Purchase officer (18032)
Technician Nuclear Medicine (18033)

UT of Lakshadweep


Test for the Post of Mechanic-LPWD

Conducted on 25/03/2018 Keys Published on 25/03/2018

Kerla State Civil Supplies Corp.(Supplyco)


Test for the Post of Manager (MIS)

Conducted on 18/03/2018 Keys Published on 20/03/2018

LBS Centre for Sci. & Tech. - Civil Engineer-Correction in Answer Keys
Key Correction-Test Conducted on 28/01/2018
Kerala Agricultural University

Test for the Post of Asst. Professors in various Branches

Conducted on 11/2/18 and Keys published on 12/2/2018

Revised Keys published on 6/3/2018

Class-IV Employee-Correction in Answer Key - 17031

LBS Centre for Sci. & Tech. - Civil Engineer
Test Conducted on 28/01/2018
Kerala Agricultural University

Tests Conducted on 21/01/2018 - Key published on 22/01/2018

Class-IV Employee - 17031

Global Institute of Public Health, Ananthapuri Hospitals

Tests Conducted on 08/11/2017 - Key published on 08/11/2017

MPH Program - 17030

Thenmala Ecotourism Promotion Society

Tests Conducted on 29/10/2017 - Key published on 30/10/2017

Accountant - 17029

Regional Cancer Centre

Tests Conducted on 24/9/17 - Key published on 25/9/17

Medical Physicist - 17023

Plumber - 17024

Office Asst. - 17025

Malabar Cancer Centre

Tests Conducted on 24/9/17 - Key published on 25/9/17

Hospital Asst.  - 17028

Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment

Tests Conducted on 24/9/27 - Key published on 25/9/17

Project Asst. - 17026

Project Fellow - 17027

Lakshadweep Administration - Junior Engineer(Electrical)
Exam Conducted on 17/09/2017

Answer Key (17006)     

Agricultural University-B Sc.(Hons.) C & B and BSc.-MSc. (Integrated) Course 2017
Exam Conducted on 16/07/2017

Paper-I      Paper-II

MCA Entrance Examination 2017-18
Exam Conducted on 09/07/2017

Qn. Booklet Number 17018 - Version A & B

Malabar Cancer Centre
Exam conducted on 2/07/2017
Kerala Law Accademy Law College  - 01/07/2017
Integrated 5 Year BA/BCom. LLB Entrance Examination-2017
Malabar Cancer Centre

Exam conducted on 23/04/2017

Answer Keys - Exam Conducted on 29/01/2017)
Lakshadweep Administration
Stockman/Similar Grade-Dept. of Animal Husbandry - Conducted on 09/12/2016)
Deputy Surveyor/DraftsmanDept. of Revenue - Conducted on 09/12/2016)
Equipment Mechanic(Qn.Booklet No. 16010 - Conducted on 27/09/2016)
Post Basic Nursing - Entrance Test
Qn.Booklet No. 16016 - Conducted on 25/09/2016

M.Sc - MLT Entrance Test

Qn.Booklet No. 16015  (Conducted on 22/08/2016)


Conducted on 10/07/2016


Paper 1            Paper 2

Correction in Published Answer Keys



Conducted on 26/06/2016

TEST FOR THE POST OF Jr.Engineer (Civil) PWD for Degree Holders

TEST FOR THE POST OF Jr.Engineer (Civil) PWD for Diploma Holders


Integrated B.A./B.Com L.L.B.(5 Year) Course 2016-17

Question Booklet Number-16012

(Version A & B)

K R Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science & Arts -Conducted on 12/06/2016

Question Booklet Number-16011

(Version A & B)

Kerala Forest Research Institute- Assistant/Steno -Conducted on 08/05/2016

Question Booklet Number-16009

(Version A & B)

MCA Entrance Test -2016 conducted on 24/04/2016

Question Booklet Number-16007-Version A & B

NUALS-Assistant -Test Conducted on 20/03/2016
Booklet 16006 Ver A & B

Corrections in Key

Published on 14/03/2016

STATE FARMING CORPORATION(Tapping supervisor) Conducted on 14/2/16
Question Booklet-16002-Version A & B
CUSAT-Assistant (Contract) -Test Conducted on 17/01/2016
Booklet 16001 Ver A & B
MALABAR CANCER CENTRE (Conducted on 15/11/2015)
MALABAR CANCER CENTRE (Conducted on 23/8/2015)
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M.Sc-MLT -Test Conducted on 2/8/2015
Booklet 15026 A and B
High Court of Kerala - Assistant on 26/07/2015

Version A        Version B        Version C        Version D

Correction in answer keys

Post Basic B.Sc Nursing Degree- 12/07/2015
Post Basic-15023.pdf
Five Year B.Sc-M.Sc(Integrated) Biotechnology and
B.Sc-M.Sc (Integrated) Climate Change Adaptation - 12/07/2015

Question Booklet 15024

MCA Entrance Examination-2015 - 28/06/2015

Booklet No.15022 - Version A and B

Kerala Law Accademy Law College (5 Year BA/BCom.LLB Entrance Examination-2015) - 27/06/2015

Booklet No.15021 - Version A and B

KR Narayanan National Institute of Visual Science & Arts - 24/5/2015
Booklet No.15020 - Version A and B


Exam Date


Question Booklet No

Key Published On
26/04/2015 Kerala Social security Mission



Kerala State Farming Corporation


Co-Operative Acdemy for Professional Education

Exam Date

Post/Branch Booklet/
Key Published On
1/3/2015 Civil Engineering 15001-A 2/3/2015
Computer Science Engg. 15002-A
Electronics & Comm. Engg. 15003-A
Electrical Engg. 15004-A
Mechanical Engg. 15005-A
Correction in published Keys


Calicut University - Exam on 22/02/2015
22/02/2015 Programmer 15009 A 23/02/2015
15009 B
Asst. Programmer 15010 A
15010 B
Correction in published Keys