Answer Keys
Bar Council of Kerala

Examination conducted on 03/06/2023

Keys Published on 03/06/2023

Secretary (QBN-23011)

High Court of Kerala

Examination conducted on 07/05/2023

Keys Published on 08/05/2023

Chauffeur (QBN-23008)(Revised Key)

Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment

Examination conducted on 29/04/2023

Keys Published on 29/04/2023

Project Fellow (QBN-23009)
Project Assistant (QBN-23010)(Revised Key)

LBS Centre for Science and Technology

Examination conducted on 26/02/2023

Keys Published on 27/02/2023

Lower Division Clerk (QBN-23003)


Examination conducted on 17/02/2023

Keys Published on 17/02/2023

Cluster Programme Manager (QBN-23005)
Clinical Service Officer (QBN-23006)(Revised Key)
Data Monitoring & Documentation Officer (QBN-23007)(Revised Key)

Global Institute of Public Health, Ananthapuri Hospitals and Research Centre

Examination conducted on 15/01/2023

Keys Published on 16/01/2023

MPH Program-2023 (QBN-23001)